Friday, August 25, 2017

Love & Hunger for God's Word

This Bible study & the sweet women who attended, Nanay Mercy & Nanay Prusi, have been on my heart & mind today. I can't stop thinking about their response to the passage in Mark 4, the Parable of the Sower. Both women said they wanted to be like the good soil that received the seed, heard God's word & produced a crop & multiplied. Then they admitted they are sometimes like the seed thrown among thorns, they allow the worries of life & desire of other things to choke the Word. I also shared that I allow school work and family life to choke God's word and make it unfruitful. 

But then, we encouraged each other to make God's word a priority in our lives. What encouraged me the most is the next day, Nanay Prusi came to another Bible study and told us she woke up at 3AM that morning to spend time reading her Bible before she did any of her work for the day. 3AM!! What a testament to her love & hunger for the precious Word of God! 

I pray her hunger is never satisfied and that I would prioritize spending time with my Savior like Nanay Prusi did. Praise the Lord for my Filipino sisters in Christ.

2017 Riverboat Evangelism Team
Samar, Philippines