Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hands On: National Mobilizer

Every mission movement in modern history has begun with college students. Through Nehemiah Teams, college students are going to the unreached and hard to reach. They are being challenged to give up their small ambitions in order to finish the Great Commission in this generation. By accepting this assignment, you will be involved in a nationwide movement of reaching the lost and raising up the next generation of missionaries, both American and Filipino. 

Elisabeth Elliot said, "If you are standing at a crossroad and there are two roads before you; an easy road and a hard road, always choose the hard road because that is the road our Master took." Choose the hard road!

Come to the Philippines. You will spend time with the national leadership of Nehemiah Teams Philippines, helping them mobilize students to fill their teams as well as provide training to help them be more effective in their ministry.

Job #: 114420  Hands On National Mobilizer
February 13-August 7, 2018
Cost:  $3950

2015-16 Mobilization Team Members