Tuesday, August 1, 2017

One Chapter to the Next

This summer has been a truly life changing experience for all of us. It has been filled with memories that will never go away, both joyous and alarming. We have so many inside jokes that we will remember forever. God blessed us with the opportunity to share the Gospel with many people, and I am very thankful for that. 

God is on the move, but there aren't enough Christians joining Him. 

Short term trips are a wonderful thing that can be used to prepare long termers and assist long termers, but there aren't enough people here doing long term work. I have spent 2 months on the most densely populated island in the world passing by many people who, as of now, will spend an eternity in Hell. Men's souls are dying without hearing any of the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Through our team about 200 people heard the good news which is truly an awesome thing, but we passed by more people each day who haven't heard. 

Here are a few things I learned this summer:

  1. We must go share Jesus to the unreached people groups urgently.
  2. We must pray for the lost urgently.
  3. We must give our finances to sending agencies urgently.
  4. We must mobilize in churches and share a world vision urgently.
  5. We must break the cycle of our daily routine and fight for the souls of men, being led by the spirit, urgently.

All of these things have two things in common. They are required to fulfill the Great Commission, and they state the importance of doing these things urgently. 

  • Pray for workers to be sent to the unreached people groups
  • Pray for God to move in a swift and mighty way
  • Pray for God's will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven
  • Pray for mosques to be useless buildings of the past
  • Pray for those mosques to be turned into Churches
  • Pray for the Great Commission to be completed in this generation
-Urban Catylysts