Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bible Studies Galore: Mtn. Trek Team

The "Misty Mountains"
as the Mountain Trek team has dubbed them
The Mountain Trek team spent last week in Cy village where there were a slew of Bible studies to be had and some people that really stood out as genuine seekers of God.

A local policeman, a doctor, a kind inquisitive woman, a man that must have known everyone for all the people he kept bringing in for more studies, and a young man who’s interest only keeps  growing.

It's our prayer that these leaders keep meeting together to study the Word and that they’ll reach out to others and only keep spreading and growing believers.

That’s the real goal, for us to be able to equip people to be self-sufficient and able to reach out to others in their own villages.

One man, A, would show up at the Mountain Trek team’s house and ask for Bible studies right then and there. He’d bring his friends and each Bible study and church gathering he brought along more and more. The team was very encouraged by A's enthusiasm.

One young man that they’ve been discipling is now interested in joining Filipino Nehemiah Teams next summer.

Please pray for this village and for the believers to not lose heart but continue to grow stronger in their faith.
Participation during church

A believer reads during church service
Lisa sharing her Bible during church service

Lisa translates the passage for Bible study
Kallie shares her thoughts
A newcomer reads the Bible for the first time
Nanay reads for the last Bible study in Cy
The team arrives for Bible study
Shaefer sharing his testimony through an interpreter at a plaza presentation