Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Highlight Reel Part 1

Pondering the deep questions of life on the boardwalk. "What's for dinner?"
Fresh seafood spread in the night market. We wish you could smell it.
Too many mangoes to pick from in the Mango Market.
Boarding the boat to go to the islands!
"My name is Courtney and I like long hikes on the islands"
Mosque on the edge of town.
Stephen getting ready to eat his first fresh, raw clam.
Stephen not enjoying his first fresh, raw clam.
Courtney's nervous selfie with the monitor lizard!
Post island hopping group picture!
The island mosque a.k.a water mosque.
Prayer rugs prepared inside the mosque.
Charlsie learning how to make Teh Tarik! Our favorite local tea drink.
Stephen making Teh Tarik, literally means "pulled tea"... like a pro!
Profile pic material right? What a man, what a beard.
The girls with our patient pulling tea teachers!
Be looking out for June Highlight Reel Part 2!
Bye Mr. Monitor Lizard!