Saturday, June 27, 2015

Southern Lights Update

All the days seem to run together and the time just seems to be flying by. We have had a lot of fun times since the last time and so I will do my best to try to cover them all.

The main thing we did since our last update was an English workshop. Six days of getting to know about 70 kids. A team from Texas came and led the workshop while we helped. It was a good time and made for a very tiring week. But we now have about 15 guys that we know fairly well and have been able to contact and follow up with. Everyone here enjoys getting coffee and smoothies so that is a natural time to talk about anything and everything.

On Tuesday, the team from Texas returned to the city in preparation for their return to the US. We went with them and stopped along the way to visit a tourist area. We got to see rice paper being made, eat fish eggs (really embryos), and ride in little boats that are very much the Asian stereotype. It was a fun day learning more about the local culture.

On Wednesday, we were hanging out with a friend, V, and were able to share the story with him. We got dinner and then had smoothies. He is interested but still has some things he is not sure of. Please remember V.

On Friday, we met with a friend, E, and talked to him for about 3 hours sharing the story and answering lots of questions. We gave him a copy of the Book and met with him this morning to  study together. He asked many questions and we were able to answer them. I don't think he is interested in accepting right now but he just wants to learn more. Please remember E.

Those are some of the highlights of the last few days. It has been a lot of fun and very tiring. It can get frustrating and lonely but the work must go on. They must hear or they will never know him. Please continue to remember us and what we are doing. Thank you for all you are doing to lift us up.

 -Southern Lights team