Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Places, Tight Spaces: Mtn. Trek Team

I must say that when I went to visit the Mountain Trek Team I did not expect one of the biggest groups to have one of the tiniest living spaces I have seen out here yet. The entire team takes it all in such good humor. They tell me it’s only made them grow closer as a team and I have no doubts about that!

What makes us all laugh even harder is how, not only do they share this small space between all 6 of them, but also a hoard of different animals throughout the day, me and Ate Gigi while we were there, and what I think is funniest of all, a little young man that solely comes in at night to sleep in the closet of all places and mysteriously manages to crawl over everyone and disappear in the mornings before anyone even gets up. (And we get up at 5:30 AM everyday!)
I think that might just be one of the most admirable qualities I’ve marked about this team; their ability to face ANYTHING with a smile and a sense of good humor.

Sarah reading in her mosquito net