Monday, August 1, 2011

Kenya: Week 7

Pupils and teachers pose for a photo after an arts class
The week saw us eventually head to Dr.Akila School after a last minute cancellation where we were supposed to serve.  It was joy to the director and the children as the team made a second visit to the school and taking over the lessons.
Teachers Elizabeth Savannah, busy in the classroom
Teacher Whitney during an art lesson
Students performing a dance

Jane and Shera display the items they have been making.
Meanwhile Jane and Shera continued with the sewing lessons in the house. Jane is so thankful to Shera for what she has done to her. She has been taught to make several items including bags, wallets, folders, shirts, etc.

It was very emotional when reality hit that the team was leaving. Some cried, others had no words. Indeed we had grown to be a family.

I do thank Nehemiah teams for letting the students work with me.

God bless you.