Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Take it to the Rim - The Harvest

The Barangay of I is a bountiful harvest; those who have lifted us up to the Lord have brought us to many people of peace, love, and interest.

Darwin, previously mentioned, has been baptized, and is referred to by his friends in school as "Pastor Darwin", a sign of his outwardness of faith even when we are not with him. Praise that he is such as a strong believer in such as a small amount of time, and continue to pray for his growth.

New into our daily fold are Jasmine, Michelle, Ronald, Peter, and Lino.

Jasmine, a Catholic woman raising two children while her husband works overseas, came to know the Lord this week and it appears her salvation is real, though only her, God, and the Devil know her true heart. She is seeking a genuine relationship with Jesus, and we are using the Word to speak to her the truth to her questions about purgatory, baptism, and praying to anyone besides God. Pray she would grow in her faith and that it would be true. Praise that she has come to know Him!

Pray for Lino who has prayed to receive Christ. He seeks a relationship with Christ and discipleship from other believers, pray that he would grow in his faith. Praise for an answered prayer request of his - after roughly two weeks of drought, we prayed for him in the name of Jesus that his crops would receive rain, and it rained that night!

Michelle, the aunt of Darwin, is one of that many family members that Darwin has in I. He has 56 cousins in the barangay alone! Pray we could effectively minister to Michelle and the family of Darwin, imagine if the Lord consecrated an entire family of this magnitude to Him, how gospel saturated the community would be!

Finally there are Ronald and Peter, two brilliant Engineer brothers with English as good as ours. They are not saved, but are asking all the questions that come with a convicted heart. They invited us for dinner and we explained the Gospel to them for several hours - the food was great! Pray they can come to know Jesus, because they are scared to turn their lives over to a God they cannot see, a rational fear.

Pray continually for our team, we've avoided physical injury and sickness, but the mental and emotional fatigue is apparent. 
Pray that we never grow content with what the Lord has already done for us, that we can constantly seek and disciple.