Monday, June 19, 2017

I Know It Is Coming

What do you hope for? In America, I use the word "hope" all the time. I'd say "I hope it doesn't rain" or "I hope I find a good parking spot." But sitting in a classroom in West Africa, I heard 24 nationals sing "The Lord has promised good to me. His Word my hope secures," and was struck with the weight of that simple word. In Wolof, the language of the people we are working with, their word for hope is yakka and it is more concrete than its' English equivalent.

One of the workers here explained it like this: When a national says they are hoping for something, they feel it in their heart of hearts because it is almost in their reach. THEY KNOW IT IS COMING. We need that kind of hope for the world. God's Word has told us that every nation will be represented in heaven one day. God has promised to do a work in all of the people of His world.

As Christians, our call is clear. We are to be a part of God's plan by serving Him and His people. And until we see the completion of that promise, then I will choose to hope like the West Africans. I will hope that the Holy Spirit grant these people understanding. I will hope that God will bridge the gap between the truth that we know, and what they have been taught. Because I know it is coming. 

Prayer Requests: 

Please pray that God will show the people around us the importance of the truth we are sharing, and that they would be brave enough to act on it.