Friday, June 30, 2017

God's Love

Our team has done much to try to help the needs of people. We have done food distributions and giving eggs to kids in schools. The needs here have touched our hearts. Most people here are so happy and generous even though they have so little. One day we went to a school and heard of the needs of the kids there, and the need hit us greatly.

Here is a journal entry from Katie talking about the needs of some of the kids:
"Let me break this down for you. These people live in the middle of no where with really no way to get much less keep a job. The kids go to school from 7:30am to 4pm. Nine times out of ten they come to school hungry. When they get to school there is nothing to eat. The school is doing their best to provide the students with an education and a safe place to be during the day. They can't afford to feed them. If be some off chance they can afford to feed them, it's just sadza porridge which is cornmeal and water. And once they leave school, there is no telling what kind of situation they are going back to."

Despite this, we see that their greatest need is Jesus. His love for them is deep, and He cares for their needs. Therefore, we might not be able to meet all their physical needs, but we have come with the greatest news they could ever hear.

Please pray that God would help us to see that their greatest need is to know the truth about Him. Help us to be able to love them and provide for their needs whenever we can.