Thursday, June 15, 2017

Getting Things Started

Mangandang Hapon (Good Afternoon),

We are all settled into the Children's Home we are staying and are having a blast getting to know all of the children and adults we will be living with the next several weeks. Most the adults and several of the children are already believers! With them, we were able to attend a local church at a mall--how cool!

This next week we will start tutoring one-on-one with students who are delayed in their school or will soon be adopted so we will practice a lot of English. Each night we will be sharing devotions with each of the different age groups. And on Fridays we will be teaching different characteristics of God and how we should model them in our lives.

Please pray for the children and other adults who will be present to have tentative ears and that the Spirit would lead us what to share with the children! Also pray that they would catch the World Vision and the responsibility they have to share with all of those around them!