Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mercy Midwives Update

We have had yet another awesome week at the clinic helping with births, pre-natals, health teachings, and bible studies! Most of us have seen our required 5 observation births and are now up to charting! Exciting! We have also figured out that America is MISSING OUT on fried bananas! YUM!!! 

Scroll down to see some pictures from our daily life & prayer requests from the Mercy Midwives team.
Visiting moms on outreach day!
Naomi and Amy holding baby Athena!
Paige and Kat share the story of Shadrach, Meshach,
and Abednego with Athena's mom on outreach day!
Paige - professional baby holder. She gets two
carry ons for the plane ride home right?!
Naomi and Kat embrace the role of
pregnant moms for a health teaching!
Please Pray for:

  • The boys we met on the boat (see our other blog post, Even on a Day Off, for that story)
  • Renewed energy each morning for shifts at the clinic
  • That God will bring us into contact with people who are ready to hear the gospel
  • For guidance in our bible teachings that we do for the patients each morning
  • And for safe deliveries and healthy babies