Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Even on a Day Off

After a long week of shifts at the clinic, we Mercy Midwives took full advantage of our day off! We decided to take a boat ride out to Isla Reta, an island about an hour off the coast of Davao. We spent most of the day enjoying God's beautiful creation and were instantly reminded of His power and majesty as we stepped into the bluest water we have ever laid eyes on. We spent time recapping the week and studying team time material. 

As beautiful and fun as that beach was, the best part of the day was the hour and a half boat ride back. On the beach we briefly met 3 Indian boys who are in Davao for medical school. We ended up sitting in front of them on the ride home. After a bit of small talk, we asked them about their religion. They are Hindu, but said they were not fully committed to it. We asked them what they knew about Christianity and it was evident that they needed further clarification. Through exploring their beliefs and how they compared to ours, we were able to share personal testimony, scripture, and answer many questions that they had. They were all very interested in what we had to say and they asked really good questions! Before we left we decided to pick a time to meet up with them again, later in the week. In preparation, we bought them Bibles and highlighted key verses that answered many of the questions they posed. Unfortunately, they did not show up for our second meeting. 

These things can be a bit discouraging in the moment, but we know that the Lord is Sovereign and that we simply have to be faithful in sowing seeds, even if we don't see the fruit they produce. Please pray that the awesome conversation we had on the boat will make wheels turn in VJ, Parti, and Barne's minds and hearts. We are praying that they will have questions and seek out answers! Maybe somehow we'll run into them again! 

It is truly humbling to our team to see the Lord move, even on a day off. When we are faithful in the small things, God can use them for great things!

-Mercy Midwives