Tuesday, June 27, 2017

There is great power in the name of Jesus!

From the very start of this wonderful trip, my team and I have experienced the inconceivable power of the Lord unlike we ever have before. Not only has God been hearing our prayers, but He has never failed to answer our prayers as long as we have been on this beautiful island. God is so faithful to us even though we are so incredibly undeserving of the countless blessings that he has granted us.
This past Monday my team and I went to L Village. We chose to stay in this particular village so that we could share the Word with a man named D. This young man has been a Muslim since birth. However, for the past year he has been extremely receptive to the Gospel. He consistently asks about Jesus and seeks to learn what the Bible says about Him.
Wednesday morning Aaron and Johann decided to go for a hike up the mountain with D. I was unable to go on the hike due to an injury the prior day. The whole time my team was gone, I was praying expectantly that the Lord would grant my team an opportunity to share the Word of God with D. Upon the team’s arrival back to L village they were excited to tell me about how the Lord had presented them with an opportunity to share the Gospel. The Word of God had pierced through D’s heart and he was eager to learn more about the Bible.
Later that night, we heard a little girl crying out in pain from inside her room. We asked D who she was and what was wrong. He told us that it was his younger sister and that she had gotten an ear infection that was causing her great pain. After hearing this, we then asked if we could pray in Jesus’ name over her for healing. She was hurting too bad to leave her room so we prayed right outside the door for her. During our time of prayer, we felt a supernatural presence come over us. The Holy Spirit was moving through us greater than it ever had before. D saw what we were doing for his younger sister and he was very grateful.
The next morning, we woke up for breakfast and asked D how his little sister was feeling because we know that an ear infection causes a lot of pain. D went on to tell us about how his sister was feeling “great!” Shortly after, we noticed the young girl playing with a group of her friends and we immediately realized what had happened. Even with modern medicine, which this village doesn’t have easy access to, it can take several days to get over the infection and to ease the pain of ear infections. Despite the lack of medicine this girl was healed just hours after our prayer. Some may consider this a simple coincidence but my team knows otherwise.

The Lord heard our prayer and sent the Holy Spirit to heal this young child. This amazing act of God is only a small example of how powerful He truly is. Our daily prayer is that God shows Himself to the people of this island like He did on that wonderful day. We ask that everyone would continue to pray for this mission because the Lord is answering our prayers in ways that we can’t even fathom. Praise God for His remarkable power!