Thursday, June 22, 2017

Meet the team: Coffee Club

Five days of orientation, five airports, and two days of plane rides the Coffee Team has safely made it to our destination. We arrived during the day time so we were able to get adjusted pretty well easily. We've been overseas for about two weeks so we figured it's time to introduce ourselves.
Taylor, Woo, Caleb & Chandler
Caleb is from Alabama. He just finished his freshmen year Auburn University. He is studying International Business, and was a part time barista during his school year.
Chandler is our team leader. He is from Oregon, he just finished his sophomore year at LSU studying finance. He is also a barista.
Taylor is from Alabama. He goes to Southeastern Bible College. Taylor is also a professional roater.
Woo is from South Korea, goes to University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is studying Economics. He has no experience in the coffee industry but is a big lover of caffeine.

So far in our journey. We've enjoyed waking up early, admiring the beauty of our Father's handiwork, reading, and doing some team-time. During the day, we like to walk around town, finding new restaurants (we found this one amazing coffee shop that we've been going to almost every day) and try to find locals that speak good English. During the evening, our team separates and teaches English classes. The ages varies from 12-25 year olds in various English levels. And finally, before bed time we enjoy more team-time, sharing about daily 'high-lows'.

We've also been blessed to experience the coffee culture here. Connecting personally with people that grow/sell/roast coffee in our country.

Please pray for our team:
  • Pray that we would find nationals who speaks good English
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would go before us as we meet new people
  • Pray that we would stay focused in growing our personal walk and sharing the good news that we've been entrusted with.

-Coffee Club Team