Saturday, June 17, 2017

Getting Established/The First Week

217: The approximate number of people we have shared testimonies or gospel with through basketball, door-to-door, or any number of personal ways of communication.
1: The number of people who have given their lives to Christ that was know of, and wish to be discipled.

His name is Darwin, the soft spoken 15 year old boy who has already proven the harvest is bountiful, and we workers already feel fulfilled, knowing that a lifetime of labor is worth one soul.

The adventures already countless, this summer already has story sharing with crowds of 30+, walking many miles to a spring deep in the jungle, running a basketball clinic, and much more to glorify the Father!

Here are some praises and prayer requests from one week of ministry:
  • Darwin, that he'd be discipled and willing to grow in Christ. Praise that he is saved, and is now seeking baptism. 
  • Ronald, Alex, Jasper, J.P., Maki, and many others unnamed who we are forming intentional relationships with. Pray the seed has been sown, and that it would bloom into a fruit ripe for the harvest. 
  • Pray for an upcoming opportunity where we have been invited to teach at a local high school, that God could be glorified through this. 
  • Pray continually for our team still, as we are coming to the hard and fast realization of what it means to be solely reliant on Christ for everything.
Korben and Lucas gathering children for a drill at our first basketball clinic, where over 50 people attended.
Our translator Kewin taking a selfie with many participants of our basketball camp, with John & Stephen posing!
Team leader CJ shares testimony and gospel with camp attendees 

-Take it 2 the Rim