Friday, June 23, 2017

The Lord's Harvest: Outreach Bulawayo

This week our team had the opportunity to go out and talk with people in a vegetable market. As we went around, we asked people if we could pray for them, and we would share the gospel as we felt the Spirit leading. During our prayer time, we talked with many people & we saw their need for the Lord. The harvest is truly plentiful here, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to come. 

As we prayed, Lindsay and a couple of people were talking to a woman who decided to become a follower of Jesus. Lindsay said, "I could just feel the Lord working inside her as we prayed with her." Later we had a Bible study that she attended and was very engaged. That day we had many that attended the study, more than usual. So we are so grateful for the work the Lord is doing.

Please pray that the lady who got saved will remain strong in her faith. 
Pray that we will continue to see God work here in the lives of people.