Monday, June 19, 2017

Riverboat: Our First Barangay!

Dolores Team
Barangay (Village) B.

Maupay! The Dolores Team arrived at their first barangay (village) on Sunday, June 10. The barangay has about 200 houses and 2000 residents, and is currently undergoing renovations to provide indoor toilets to residents. The Filipino people are extremely hospitable.

Upon arriving in the barangay we introduced ourselves to the Barangay Captain and asked permission to sleep in the barangay hall. The barangay hall is at the center of town, and is where major events can be hosted. The hall has a massive tin roof covering. Under the roof the full size basketball court occupies 4/6 of the space, in the corner a stage takes up 1/6 of the space, and the barangay hall building uses the rest of the space. If you couldn’t tell already, Filipinos really enjoy basketball.

On the first night our neighbors brought us chairs, a rice mat (to sleep on), and if we had let them, an additional table that we could eat at. The barangay hall building is a two story building where official meetings can be held if necessary. The first story had a room to stay in with a bathroom. The second story is a meeting room where we sleep. The second story is nice because cool breeze during the morning and afternoon can roll through the windows. A short, pleasant breeze is like a sweet piece of candy after only having salty things to eat.

The first few days we went from house to house, hut to hut, person to person sharing the gospel, telling Bible stories, sharing testimonies, and inviting people to Bible study groups. We are moving swiftly through the barangay, and we are eager to see what God is doing in the people of B. The Gospel must go!

Please be praying for:
  • The health of the team
  • The endurance of the team through the rough climate
  • The spirit to be moving in the people we meet
  • Spiritual growth in people who follow Jesus, and strength to not conform to the world

Thank you, for your support and prayers. We will run the race our Lord Jesus has set before us.