Monday, June 26, 2017

Meet the Team: Mountain Harvesters

Naasha, Kyle, Tee & Raven
After getting some much needed rest on the 14 hour plane ride to our first stop, our adventure began! We've ridden everything from motorcycles and tricycles to jeepneys and boats to get to our final destination. As our team leader, Tee, has said, "We got thrown into the deep end without a floatie." We've got four members in total and we would like you to get a chance to get to know us as best you can this summer.

Tee (21) has had some mission experience earlier in his life due to his family of 7 kids moving to Honduras and Costa Rica.  This is his first time being a team leader and taking on the responsibilities that fit that bill.  He is currently attending Clemson University in South Carolina, and is going for a major in Turf Grass Management (yes, it's a real major).  

Raven (21) has been to Africa twice on mission and has said she feels God is calling her to the field full-time. She is from South Carolina and is attending Liberty University in Virginia for a major in Youth Ministry. She is also minoring in Global Studies and enjoys sports like volleyball and soccer in her down time. She is looking forward to sharing all kinds of stories with her little brother when she gets back home. 

Natasha (20) has never been on mission before but is excited about what this summer holds for her and her spiritual growth.  She is going to East Central University in her home state of Oklahoma.  She is pursuing a degree in Social Work with hopes of working with teens that have mental health disorders.  She has had to face two of her biggest fears while being here so far; spiders and letting her food touch on the same plate. 

And lastly, me! My name is Kyle (19) and this is my first time answering the call to take God's Word overseas.  I am really looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me as I go out and see what direction my life is going when I get back.  I am currently going to Francis Marion University in South Carolina for a degree in Mass Communication.  I have two little brothers and a little sister that I can't wait to bring back stories to in the States. 

Also, we have very limited capabilities when it comes to using these computers so we most likely wont be able to upload any pictures.  You'll be the first to know if that changes! We look forward to letting you be a part of this journey with us for the remainder of the summer! 

Prayer Requests:
-to have a continued dependence on God
-consistently be led by the Spirit in ministry and discernment
-strength through the good and the bad
-physical health
-persistence through trials
-to continue to step out of my comfort zone
-to stay in the Word daily and be in constant communication with God
-develop characteristics that help me to grow as a leader
As a team:
-spiritual warfare