Friday, June 30, 2017

Strongholds, Part 2

As the month of Ramadan comes to and end, many people have left and traveled back to hometowns to visit family and celebrate the end of the fast. This past week has been marked by hot days and empty streets. But the Father has been faithful to always put someone in our path that needs to hear.

As we were walking and praying through our neighborhood one afternoon we stopped to take a break in the shade. As we talked with one of the security guards that works in the area, three young boys, ages 10-11, came up and surprised us with a jovial, "Good afternoon, how are you misters?" They were eager to practice the little English they have learned in school and to discuss American pop culture. The first thing I was asked is if I knew Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift!

All three had been taught by their parents to keep the fast, and our hearts ached for them. Cason was faithful to try and share a Bible story with them, of Jesus and Zaccheus, but as soon as they heard the name "Isa" (Arabic for Jesus), they put up their hands, motioning for him to stop. They explained that they had been taught differently, only to trust the Quran. This was a sobering glimpse into the stronghold that is established in the hearts of our cousins, from a very early age.

But praise Father that he has the power to tear down strongholds and dispel darkness from hearts.

  • Pray for these strongholds to be torn down by the truth that saves.
  • Pray for the millions of children that are like these boys, and for their fathers. Honoring parents is so important in this culture, and it is very hard for children to throw off the yoke their parents have burdened them with.
  • Pray that we would witness stories like Cornelius from Acts 12, that whole households, under the influence of husbands and fathers, would come to repentance and believe.