Sunday, June 25, 2017

What we've done so far

Children at the orphanage
Last Saturday we had the opportunity to visit a local orphanage.There were about 60 kids there and we got to play games with them and just love on them.This week has consisted of teaching English, Math, Science, and Bible stories. We each teach about 6 classes a day. There are about 120 students we interact with daily and about 6 other teachers. We also started a home Bible study with the teachers, other workers at the school and our host family. We look forward to building relations with the students and teachers this summer.

  • Pray for us to be an encouragement to our host family and that seeds would be planted within the school. 
  • Pray for us to be BOLD in sharing the gospel.

- Ashley and Erin 
Whatever it Takes for Cambodi