Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Chicago: Directionally Challenged

One of the main things we've learned this week is that I do not know the Chicago public transit system as well as I thought I did. Also, Siri is very bad with the transit system too. While Becky and I have had an interesting time getting lost, God has used that to do some amazing things!

For example, we had to go to our official orientation the other day to get details for our research project. Somehow, I got the address messed up, so I thought the meeting was over an hour away (it was actually only 10 minutes from where we were). So Becky and I made our way to the wrong bus stop to go in the total wrong direction, completely oblivious to our mistake. While we were waiting, a guy comes up and asks us something about the bus. We answer, but Martin strikes up a conversation and will not stop talking. He even sat next to us on the bus. Martin was about our age, so he and I were talking a lot about college and what we liked to do in Chicago. He asked what we did in our free time while at school, so I told him that Becky and I were both involved in local churches and campus ministries.

Then something that can only be attributed to God happened. Martin starts telling us about how he grew up in church but now is confused and has a lot of doubts about Christ. Becky was then able to share the gospel with him! He asked lots of questions, and it really seemed like the Holy Spirit was working in his heart. Martin even said he was going to find his Bible, start reading it, and potentially give church another try!

This whole experience really went to show us that God uses some of the strangest and most random circumstances to lead the lost closer to Him.

Please pray for the following:
  • the Holy Spirit would continue to work in Martin's heart and he would accept Christ
  • Martin's relationship with his 10-month-old daughter (KJ)
  • God would continue to use unexpected situations to allow Becky and I to share the gospel
  • I would learn how to use the Chicago public transit system without getting lost
Sending love from Sweet Home Chicago,