Saturday, June 24, 2017

Discovering Coffee

As this summer proceeds, our team has had to be flexible & move with what God has put in front of us. For the first time though we got to interact with the coffee industry which is what our team has been preparing to do. Walking off the road in the middle of an under developed country in a farm town, we stepped into a coffee shop roastary that would be any first-world hipster's dream. There was craft high-end coffee everywhere and too many different and complicated ways of making them.

With the roasting and barista background that our team has, this shop was the perfect playground, We were taken back by the opportunity to meet the people growing the coffee. At this same organization's warehouse we saw villagers who have been greatly affected by the personal aspect of this organization. This organization is giving farmers greater control of their coffee with a higher return. We were not expecting this organization to be run by non-believers and that there are believers in the same region with more experience making less of an impact. While there is a heartbreaking truth our team has learned that in this country having an impact in the coffee industry speaks much louder that any explanation of God in words that we can give. We have spent hours discovering and praying on how to practically reach those peoples and what we keep coming to is to love them greatly and boldly being sons of God, be who we've always meant to be.

Please pray for us to surrender how we think we should help and do this work here. We are tired of looking like western ideologists, we want to look like sons of God.