Saturday, June 24, 2017

Self-Defense in the Schools

We've been praying for God to open up new opportunities for us as we went prayer walking. God definitely provided us with several opportunities through that, but we finally received a phone call from the school we were waiting for. There was no better way to start our second week here! We were praising God for finally receiving this call, but God didn't stop there. We ended up getting another phone call from another school. One of the schools provided us with a hundred girls and a few boys to teach self defense and do a Bible study with. While the other provided us with thirteen girls the first session and then thirty girls and one boy the second. The team agrees that nothing has been more rewarding than teaching the girls and some boys how valuable they are in God's eyes, and they are capable of defending themselves. 

Prayer request from our team:

  • That God will work in a group of boys who really need to have examples of godly men in their lives.
  • That God will continue to move in the heart of the students at the schools.
  • That God will reveal himself to those who attend Elite boxing gym.
  • God will continue to use coffee shops as a ministry for our team.
  • That Edna, Mary Joe, and Katteen can be godly examples to their friends.
  • That Candy can build up the courage to finally accept Christ into her heart.