Sunday, June 18, 2017

Learning and Teaching

We have begun our daily devotions with the children and I got the older boys. These boys are fun group and really do love the Lord. Each night I am excited to see what they get from the devotional and what they will teach me.

The first night, I read a story about Ben Carson (the neurosurgeon) to them and then asked them what kind of aspirations they have and how they will glorify God through them. One boy wants to be a professional basketball player and he said he will use that platform to share the Gospel. Another said he wanted to be a soldier and that he would do Bible studies with his fellow comrades. It was just really cool to see them realize that they can glorify God through so many different avenues. It was also very encouraging to see that they are actually getting the Gospel. It excites me knowing that God will use them wherever they end up, whether it's staying here at the children's home or becoming a famous basketball player -- they are willing to be a vessel.

- Please pray that our devotionals will continue to be life-giving and for the conversations to be led by the Holy Spirit
- Please also pray for our team's grasp on Tagalog so that we are able to better minister to the children for some know English pretty well, but other's aren't so fluent.

- One of the boys I am tutoring was having a difficult time when we were going over science and English but thrived when we started talking about Christianity and the New Testament! These kids are taught the Gospel and have an understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done for us -- at the end of the day that is what matters most!