Sunday, June 18, 2017

Spiritual Warfare in SEA

Indonesia… a little part of a grand masterpiece. The island my team is on is absolutely beautiful and no doubt breathtaking. Our first visit to a village our M has been before gave an introduction of what it’s like to be part of a village family. These people loved having conversations with each other till three in the morning, drinking coffee all night long, and playing Dominoes till our brains hurt. But with all that good things about village life, there is also evil that is working underground.

I got to experience something I never thought will happen again and it is the true nature of spiritual warfare. At orientation, they warned us about the encounters of many supernatural and devious acts that the enemy will be throwing at us. Well, the devil knew how to play his cards for me. Basically, I was visited by an evil spirit that haunted when I was 12 years old; when I was a “baby Christian”. I was pretty shocked because it has been many years since I’ve seen that demonic thing, but I wasn’t frightened. I had the Holy Spirit inside me that was stronger than any evil trickery. I prayed to the Lord Almighty to make this evil be gone from my space forever. After two attempts of trying to throw me off guard, I’d prayed to the Lord to send His angels for protection to guard through the night as I rested. After that, it was gone.

The devil played his turn, but my turn was better. I had the King of Kings at my side and no evil spirit can ruin that. 
This is what orientation was talking about. 
This was what my college pastor was talking about. 
This was what my mom was telling me about. 
Spiritual warfare is a real thing and can be real enough that we fear it. However, we need to trust in the Lord because at the end of the day, He wins no matter what the battle reads. The war is already won! The end is already predicted! Pray for me and my team as we deal with spiritual warfare in Indonesia and that the Lord our Father will protect us in every way and in everything we do.