Friday, June 23, 2017

The power of Christ

During our first day at the camp we met a lady who had hurt her hip moving wood and couldn't walk for days. She was an older lady taking care of her blind and deaf mother and she also cared for a small grandchild. She was having to crawl everywhere to try and do the things she needed to do. When we visited her house, she allowed us to pray for her. Lindsay, Desiree, and I laid hands on her leg and prayed in the spirit for healing in the name of Jesus. The power of the Holy Spirit was present and evident. 

What humbled me the most was that our devotion that day was about Peter not having silver or gold to give but what he did have, he gave to the people, Jesus Christ. Just that morning I prayed for an opportunity to share the power of Jesus. Something that was bigger than me, and the Lord showed us that while praying over this lady the next day at camp. Desiree motioned for me to come look and to look fast. We saw the lady we had prayed for the day before, up and walking with a stick across the village. Praise God! We talked to her again. She said she hadn't been able to walk for days until now. We prayed thanks to the Lord and for continued healing. I've never experienced the power of prayer in the Holy Spirit like I did that day. Please join us in lifting this lady and so many others who need to experience the power of Christ.

Thank you,