Sunday, June 18, 2017

Babies, Babies, Babies

2 outreaches + 3 Bible studies + 3 health teachings + 10 births + 12 jeepney rides + 20 clinic shifts + 201 blood pressures taken = 4 very content Mercy Midwives.

We have completed our first full week in Davao! We have jumped right into work at the clinic. We spend our days taking vitals, holding babies, giving baths, cleaning rooms, encouraging moms, and learning Visayan. Even though our trip is medically based, we are daily seeking the Lord's guidance in ways and opportunities to share His love with those around us!
One of the privileges we are given at Mercy Maternity is that we are able to fully participate in clinic days. Each clinic day is started with worship songs, a Bible lesson of our choice, and an educational health teaching. So far we have shared the stories of Zaccheus and the paralyzed man. Zaccheus is a true example of what life change looks like after coming to know Christ. The paralyzed man shows the women that in this time of pregnancy, which can often be filled with questions, they can turn to family, friends, or midwives... but ultimately God is the only person who can truly help us with anything! Most of the women that filter in and out of the clinic doors are Catholic. If asked whether they know the Lord, a majority would say yes. However, we are learning to communicate the difference between works based faith and a true relationship that sprouts form grace freely flowing from the cross. Ephesians 2:8&9 has been a very encouraging and helpful verse for us this past week.

On Thursdays and Saturdays we have outreaches. Thursdays we head to Isla Verde, a very poor and impoverished area of Davao. There we provide prenatal care to women who might not otherwise have access to it. We give them vitamins, answer questions, check their progression, and tell them about the opportunity to give birth at the clinic. There is a language barrier, even for the Filipinas, as they have their own dialect in Isla. Language barriers can be difficult, but we know that the Spirit can move through even the most difficult of obstacles. Our favorite part of Isla is that we get to pray for each woman we see individually, and we know that God hears and answers prayers in any language. Saturdays may be our favorite day of the week. On these days we get to visit patients at their homes and share the gospel with them. Today we visited 2 moms and their sweet little ones. At the home visits we did wellness checks on mom and baby. At the first home the midwives shared an audio presentation from the perspective of God and how much he loves us as his children. It was a Christian household, but they are currently dealing with situations of shame and pride. We were able to encourage them, and share some words from the heart. We told of how carrying burdens like this on our own can weigh us down, but when we share those burdens with God and others around us, we can be lifted up. The second house we visited was FULL of kiddos! They loved us "white girls". This is the first time we have taken being called pale as quite the compliment. We were able to share a bible story with the kids and help them memorize 1 John 4:8, "God is love." While Naomi and I distracted the precious little ones, Kat got to share the gospel with the mother! We plan to visit here again soon and supply her with her very own Cebuano Bible!

We live in a house of girls who are currently attending midwifery school here. They have been so welcoming and give us lots of suggestions for new things and foods to try! Please pray that we would be a daily encouragement and witness to each of these girls we have grown to love.

Prayer requests:
God's guidance in seeking out and speaking to specific mothers at the clinic
Continued health and safety for the team.
That Leah, who we visited today, would have the courage to open up to others around her.
And that we continue to be a blessing and helping hand at the clinic.