Wednesday, June 28, 2017


This has been a busy week for us, full of joy and frustrations. We have had the opportunity to share the full truth, with a response time, with about 11 people this week. Though many of those we were led to were open and even said that these things could be or are true, they fall back into Islam saying they still follow it. We are joyful that we are seeing an increase of openness to truth, but frustration comes when people fall back into their Islamic "safety net." 

One instance of the Father leading us to the open is when we met Pak S. We were prayer walking in our neighborhood when we came across him at a mosque. He was happy to talk to us and eagerly invited us to the steps of the mosque. We didn't share the truth with him there but I had the opportunity to meet with him again. The next time I saw him I was able to share the full truth with Pak S, and he believed it to be true, but that it was not the only way. He believed his bridge prayers were sufficient for his salvation, even though he is not sure of his salvation. He wants to hear more, so we are trusting the Father to work in his heart.

We believe there is power in the name of Jesus to break down the strongholds we are seeing here. The enemy is trying its best to drag these people into the pits, but with fervent prayer in the name of Jesus these people can break free of their chains.

  • Pray that the spirit continues to lead us daily
  • Pray that strongholds created by Islam will be demolished
  • Pray that mosques here will become isolated buildings of the past
  • Pray that God will create an awakening to the truth of Jesus here in SE Asia

- Michael