Saturday, June 24, 2017

Meet the Team: Multinational Advance

Aun yeong hase yo! Susaday! 
Hello from the Multinational Advance Team in Korean and Khmer! We are beyond excited for the opportunity to do ministry in two different countries this summer. 

The beginning of our trip is being spent in South Korea having orientation with our 3 Korean teammates and teaching ESL to refugees. On July 1st, we will travel to and spend the remainder of our time in Cambodia doing children's ministry, campus evangelism, and continuing to teach ESL as a means to share the Gospel. 

We are excited to introduce to you our team, so you can know a little about the individuals you are reading about and praying for a little better! In total we are a team of 6: 3 Tennesseans and 3 South Koreans! 

I am Kara, the team leader, and call Huntingdon, TN home. I am a Junior studying Social Work at Austin Peay State University. I love traveling, "crafting", my grandmother's homemade rolls, and any Disney movie! My favorite verse is Philippians 1:6, and I am most excited about being able to share the Good News alongside others from a different culture. 

Next up is Jadyn! Jadyn is from Chattanooga, TN. She is majoring in Spanish and minoring in Education at University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga.  Her favorites include playing piano and guitar, blueberries, and "A Walk to Remember". Phil. 1:20-21 are her favorite verses, and she is most excited about building relationships with our Korean teammates. 

Third on our team is Garrett! He calls Johnson City, TN. home and is studying Economics at East Tennessee State University. Garrett is a fan of hunting, fishing, steak ("he would be a carnivore before being a vegetarian"), and "Hacksaw Ridge". Hebrews 4:12 is his favorite verse, and he is most excited about sharing the Gospel with unreached people groups.

Next up is Gwanjung! Gwanjung is 37 and has his Masters of Divinity from Korea Baptist Seminary. He has been our tour guide as we navigate Korea (so thankful for him!)

5th is Dasia! Dasol is majoring in dance at Seoul Christian University! She is 21 years old and will be teaching dance as part of our ministry in Cambodia. She is still finishing up her semester, so please pray for her to finish strong!

Last but not least is Gwanun! Gwanun is 19 and studying Social Welfare. He just finished his first semester of college and enjoys "gaming". 

We ask that you please pray for team unity, easy communication between our team as we work on our Korean and they work on their English, safe travels to our second country, for us to be bold, fearless, and full of the Holy Spirit as we share the truth with unbelievers, and specifically for open ears and hearts to the Gospel message! 

Advance Team Pictures

Pray for the Advance Team as they daily share the Good News with those who are seeking for Truth. Pray that the seeds scattered with take root & bring a Kingdom harvest.

What we've done so far

Children at the orphanage
Last Saturday we had the opportunity to visit a local orphanage.There were about 60 kids there and we got to play games with them and just love on them.This week has consisted of teaching English, Math, Science, and Bible stories. We each teach about 6 classes a day. There are about 120 students we interact with daily and about 6 other teachers. We also started a home Bible study with the teachers, other workers at the school and our host family. We look forward to building relations with the students and teachers this summer.

  • Pray for us to be an encouragement to our host family and that seeds would be planted within the school. 
  • Pray for us to be BOLD in sharing the gospel.

- Ashley and Erin 
Whatever it Takes for Cambodi

Urban Rescuers-Thailand

We've been in Bangkok for two weeks now, but it feels longer! We have been working alongside our local partners to form relationships with ladyboys in bars and work alongside those who have left the sex industry and joined their program.  

Our days have consisted of teaching various Bible studies, social work, and exercise classes with the students at the local ministry. On Wednesday and Friday nights we do outreach in the red light district, and it's been hard to see a lot of the hurt that goes on there. We've formed relationships with some of the dancers there and have gotten to visit them more than once! We hope to pay their bar fine one night and go bowling, hopefully offering a better atmosphere for Gospel conversations and inviting them out of their current lifestyle. 

We are also teaching English in massage parlors in the gay red light district on Wednesday nights. Tuesday and Thursday afternoons we're helping another ministry teach English to kids. We have made many friends around the city and have plans to hangout with two Buddhist friends on Saturday.

Pray that relationships that we've made continue to grow and that they will be receptive to Jesus and pray for all of the ladyboys in the bars that we meet!

-Urban Rescuers

Worthy Conduct

Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel. Philippians 1:27

So that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God...Colossians 1:10

Team of the Day: Urban Catalysts
Country of the Day: Southeast Asia

Please pray for team members to seek to please Christ in every thought, word, and deed. Please pray for team members to be unified in sharing the Gospel.

God, are you real?

Today (June 19, 2017) my heart was broken, and it took everything inside of me not to weep in agony. It wasn’t from the fact that I miss my friends or family, it wasn’t from abandoning the place I call home to adopt a radically new environment, and it wasn’t from the exhaustion caused by giving up our time that made me weep from deep in my soul. Those things make me sad. What infected my soul with such agony was a broken hearted mother.
Today we were visiting a house where we had previously been invited to share the Gospel. The woman that had told us to come back the following day invited us in once again as we walked up to the front door. She looked young compared to most American women her age. She was round-faced with thick hair and a joyful personality. We shared the story of Lazarus and the rich man with her. Lazarus was the one who went to heaven and the rich man went to hell. The rich man begged to raise Lazarus from the dead so that the rich man’s family could be warned of the torment they would face if they didn’t repent. We then shared the Gospel and asked if the woman was assured of her salvation—if she would go to heaven when she died. 
The once joyful woman now was embracing a child-sized, stuffed Winnie the Pooh bear, and unintentionally expressing sorrow on her face. Soon after, she handed me a sheet of school paper with a letter on it. The letter was from a woman whom had just given birth and lost the child 8 hours later. The letter described the mother’s sorrow and pain. The mother wrote that after barely surviving herself; she prayed and asked, ”God are you real?”, “Do you care?”, “Are you good?”, “How can you let this happen?”  
After Roy finished translating the letter for me, the woman pointed to a picture nearby and told us that the mother who wrote that letter was herself and the baby in the picture was hers. In that instant I felt breathless, powerless, and heartbroken all at once. There was nothing I could tell her that would change anything. All I could tell her was that we live in a broken and sinful world and that God sent his Son for us so that we could spend eternity in a perfect heaven with Him. It is in Christ alone that we can find joy and relief from the pain of this world. She was excited to follow Christ and be forgiven of her sins. She looks forward to reading the Bible we gave her and finding the never-ending joy God has for her.

God is good and working in Barangay B.

-Riverboat EV team

First week: Teach, Heal & Hoops Team B

Our first week at our ministry site has been extremely eye opening. We have set up several daily/weekly Bible studies. Almost everyone we have met is very eager to learn more about God's Word. Please pray that the people will continue to be receptive as we try to make disciples.


Friday, June 23, 2017

Self-Defense in the Schools

We've been praying for God to open up new opportunities for us as we went prayer walking. God definitely provided us with several opportunities through that, but we finally received a phone call from the school we were waiting for. There was no better way to start our second week here! We were praising God for finally receiving this call, but God didn't stop there. We ended up getting another phone call from another school. One of the schools provided us with a hundred girls and a few boys to teach self defense and do a Bible study with. While the other provided us with thirteen girls the first session and then thirty girls and one boy the second. The team agrees that nothing has been more rewarding than teaching the girls and some boys how valuable they are in God's eyes, and they are capable of defending themselves. 

Prayer request from our team:

  • That God will work in a group of boys who really need to have examples of godly men in their lives.
  • That God will continue to move in the heart of the students at the schools.
  • That God will reveal himself to those who attend Elite boxing gym.
  • God will continue to use coffee shops as a ministry for our team.
  • That Edna, Mary Joe, and Katteen can be godly examples to their friends.
  • That Candy can build up the courage to finally accept Christ into her heart.

Discovering Coffee

As this summer proceeds, our team has had to be flexible & move with what God has put in front of us. For the first time though we got to interact with the coffee industry which is what our team has been preparing to do. Walking off the road in the middle of an under developed country in a farm town, we stepped into a coffee shop roastary that would be any first-world hipster's dream. There was craft high-end coffee everywhere and too many different and complicated ways of making them.

With the roasting and barista background that our team has, this shop was the perfect playground, We were taken back by the opportunity to meet the people growing the coffee. At this same organization's warehouse we saw villagers who have been greatly affected by the personal aspect of this organization. This organization is giving farmers greater control of their coffee with a higher return. We were not expecting this organization to be run by non-believers and that there are believers in the same region with more experience making less of an impact. While there is a heartbreaking truth our team has learned that in this country having an impact in the coffee industry speaks much louder that any explanation of God in words that we can give. We have spent hours discovering and praying on how to practically reach those peoples and what we keep coming to is to love them greatly and boldly being sons of God, be who we've always meant to be.

Please pray for us to surrender how we think we should help and do this work here. We are tired of looking like western ideologists, we want to look like sons of God.


The power of Christ

During our first day at the camp we met a lady who had hurt her hip moving wood and couldn't walk for days. She was an older lady taking care of her blind and deaf mother and she also cared for a small grandchild. She was having to crawl everywhere to try and do the things she needed to do. When we visited her house, she allowed us to pray for her. Lindsay, Desiree, and I laid hands on her leg and prayed in the spirit for healing in the name of Jesus. The power of the Holy Spirit was present and evident. 

What humbled me the most was that our devotion that day was about Peter not having silver or gold to give but what he did have, he gave to the people, Jesus Christ. Just that morning I prayed for an opportunity to share the power of Jesus. Something that was bigger than me, and the Lord showed us that while praying over this lady the next day at camp. Desiree motioned for me to come look and to look fast. We saw the lady we had prayed for the day before, up and walking with a stick across the village. Praise God! We talked to her again. She said she hadn't been able to walk for days until now. We prayed thanks to the Lord and for continued healing. I've never experienced the power of prayer in the Holy Spirit like I did that day. Please join us in lifting this lady and so many others who need to experience the power of Christ.

Thank you,


Effective Communication

Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should. Colossians 4:4

Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the Gospel. Ephesians 6:19

Team of the Day: Walk with People of Far Village
Country of the Day: Mali

Please pray for team members to be led in thought and word by the Holy Spirit as they share the Gospel. Pray for the Holy Spirit's leading them to those who need to hear the Good News.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Lord's Harvest: Outreach Bulawayo

This week our team had the opportunity to go out and talk with people in a vegetable market. As we went around, we asked people if we could pray for them, and we would share the gospel as we felt the Spirit leading. During our prayer time, we talked with many people & we saw their need for the Lord. The harvest is truly plentiful here, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to come. 

As we prayed, Lindsay and a couple of people were talking to a woman who decided to become a follower of Jesus. Lindsay said, "I could just feel the Lord working inside her as we prayed with her." Later we had a Bible study that she attended and was very engaged. That day we had many that attended the study, more than usual. So we are so grateful for the work the Lord is doing.

Please pray that the lady who got saved will remain strong in her faith. 
Pray that we will continue to see God work here in the lives of people.


Great Commission English Center: First few days

Some things we have been doing the last 12 days...

  • First of all, we made it safe and sound (June 8th) without any problems to our destination and we were greeted with a friend singing Happy Birthday because Jessica's birthday was the 5th of June and Emily's was the 6th. That was fun!
  • So far jet lag has not been bad and we have been getting good sleep.
  • The next day, we had a game night at the guesthouse we're staying in. We were able to make friends and have a few good conversations about Jesus Christ. Oh, also before that, we went on a City Tour to walk around the city and see some sites. That was interesting and fun! 
  • Monday we had Sports Day where we played volleyball and soccer with some of the English Center members. 
  • Almost everyday we've been going out with the friends we've made to dinner to spend time with them and get into talking about our testimonies. 
  • Monday and Wednesday we went and visited with younger girls at a Freedom House. They didn't know a lot of English so we colored with them and played music videos for them which they loved. There are three girls that live there. 
  • On Tuesday and Thursday we went to the English Center to hang out with college students and get to know them. They pretty much all love playing Spicy Uno! There are about 30-40 members.
  • Wednesday evening we all got together and got a group picture professionally taken. Such a blast seeing everyone together in one place.
  • This past weekend we girls and two other volunteers at the English center went with S to a beach and to snorkel.  We had a national guide to take us to different spots to snorkel and different islands to look around and take pictures. What a weekend!

I can't believe we've been here for almost 2 weeks already and a lot has happened!! There will be more to come and more consistent blog posts.


Meet the Team: Teach, Heal & Hoops Team B

Meet the team! We are Cody, RaeAnn, Sondra & Cody and our translators are Evelyn & Tim. We are Preach, Heal and Hoops Team B. We are from Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, and Arkansas. We are serving in the Philippines this summer doing street ministry and helping at a local health care clinic. Please pray that God would move in this place!

Meet the Team: Great Commission English Center

Anna, Emily & Jessica
We have three ladies on this team... Emily, Jessica and Anna.  

  • Emily is from South Dakota and she is a student in a college in California working on finishing her Bachelor's in Intercultural Studies. 
  • Jessica is from Tennessee and she is working on Master's in New Orleans, Louisiana. 
  • Anna is from Mississippi and she finished her associates this past spring and will transfer to another college to finish her Bachelor's in Elementary Education. 

Something in common with us all is that we all love people and want to serve them in any way we can. We all also love coffee and spending time with people to make friendships blossom.

Divine Love

May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you. 1 Thessalonians 3:12
We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

Team of the Day: P52 San Francisco
Country of the Day: United States

Pray for team members to live under the power of Christ's love. Pray they would show this love to fellow team members and to all they come into contact.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meet the team: Coffee Club

Five days of orientation, five airports, and two days of plane rides the Coffee Team has safely made it to our destination. We arrived during the day time so we were able to get adjusted pretty well easily. We've been overseas for about two weeks so we figured it's time to introduce ourselves.
Taylor, Woo, Caleb & Chandler
Caleb is from Alabama. He just finished his freshmen year Auburn University. He is studying International Business, and was a part time barista during his school year.
Chandler is our team leader. He is from Oregon, he just finished his sophomore year at LSU studying finance. He is also a barista.
Taylor is from Alabama. He goes to Southeastern Bible College. Taylor is also a professional roater.
Woo is from South Korea, goes to University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is studying Economics. He has no experience in the coffee industry but is a big lover of caffeine.

So far in our journey. We've enjoyed waking up early, admiring the beauty of our Father's handiwork, reading, and doing some team-time. During the day, we like to walk around town, finding new restaurants (we found this one amazing coffee shop that we've been going to almost every day) and try to find locals that speak good English. During the evening, our team separates and teaches English classes. The ages varies from 12-25 year olds in various English levels. And finally, before bed time we enjoy more team-time, sharing about daily 'high-lows'.

We've also been blessed to experience the coffee culture here. Connecting personally with people that grow/sell/roast coffee in our country.

Please pray for our team:
  • Pray that we would find nationals who speaks good English
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would go before us as we meet new people
  • Pray that we would stay focused in growing our personal walk and sharing the good news that we've been entrusted with.

-Coffee Club Team

Sowing & Reaping

Planting rice
Today has been a really great day! The Lord definitely guided the group as we went out into our village for Bible studies. We planned on holding two Bible studies today but instead we were able to present The Bridge Gospel tract twice and do one Bible Study. We saw one woman accept Christ as her Savior today! Praise God! As a team, all together, we have presented the Gospel about 50 times and have had 10 receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior! We have been amazed to see how the Lord has prepared the hearts of the people here. I have loved having the privilege and opportunity to be a part of such a great story that the Lord has orchestrated.

There are always new relationships to build and to invest in and I love that! Tonight April and I were hanging out on the basketball court behind out Barangay Hall spending time with the kids. They were joking that we were ghosts because our skin is so white to them! So funny.

God has blessed us during this time with protection, kind hearts in the community, and seeing His hand in all of these things.

Please be praying for the team to not grow tired or discouraged by any of the long days and that we may stay focused on why we are here and who we are here for.

Meet the Team: Family Camp

Austyn, Lindsay, Desiree, Emilyn, Molly & Lillie 
Hello from the Family Camp Team in Southeast Asia, we would like to introduce our family of 6:
1. Hey ya'll! My name is Lindsay. I am from the good ole state of South Carolina. I am crazy enough to study math and foolish enough to love it! If you hang around me, be prepared for random Karaoke moments because if there is a song about it, I'm sure to sing it!
2. Hello my name is Lillie, I am from Dothan, Alabama and currently attending Judson College. I am majoring in History and Criminal Justice and a minor in Political Science. I play softball at Judson and I start my senior season this fall. I have only broken 2 bones due to this sport!!
3.Hey y'all this is Molly. I am from Alabama. I am studying to teach Elementary Education. I am a lover of Jesus, coffee, singing, and laughing.
4. Hey my name is Desiree. I am 24 years old. I am currently a senior studying Intercultural Studies and Psychology. I plan to use my degrees to work within the ministry in whatever way the Lord wills. Right now I am a children's minister at my home church. I was blessed with a huge personality. I love children, old people, laughing, dancing, talking, and random trips. My life motto is "Not all who wonder are lost". Lastly my favorite color is Maroon/Burgundy and Gold.
5. Hello I am Emilyn from Alabama and I love climbing rocks, eating carrots, and singing silly camp songs.

6. Hey I am Austyn from South Carolina majoring in Nursing. I am 18, love animals and children and have a passion for ministry/missions.

City Girls to the Mountain!

Greetings from Thailand! We are doing well! Our ministry is going great, and we are enjoying the city and the culture.

This past weekend, our supervisors took us on a trip to a village in the mountain! Their friend Ami lives there. She used to work in the city, but after she became a believer, she moved to this village with her husband. They now serve the Lord together and work in the local church.

While we were there, we taught the local women how to make crafts and ministered to and encouraged Ami. Even though we were there to serve Ami, it was our team that was more encouraged. To see Thai believers growing and learning more about God stirred us to continue in the ministry we are called to this summer. The city we are in is very dark, and sometimes this darkness can be extremely overwhelming. However, this weekend, we saw God moving in a mighty way in the village!

Our last day in the village, we went to the local church. We had an opportunity to lead worship and share our testimonies. Worshiping with the Thai believers was a picture of what heaven will be like- people from every country and every language worshipping our great God.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that people in the village we met will continue in their walk with Christ.
  • Pray for clear communication with the people we are sharing with- that the language barrier would not be a hindrance.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would lead us to people who are seeking Him.
  • Our English classes we have started. Please pray the women we meet with will be open to hearing the good news.

Following, Fishing, and Faith

This verse came up when we were worshipping with a local group of believers last Sunday. I'd heard this verse hundreds of times, memorized it, and even Bible-journaled it, but I had never really thought much about the analogy on a deeper level until this Sunday. Ministry among our people groups here is slow, hard, often seemingly fruitless work, and fishing can be like that sometimes too. Fishing doesn't always lead to huge catches; rather, it often results in a peaceful (or frustrating) day in a boat with little to nothing to show other than maybe a sunburn. 

Working among cousins, especially our cousins here, can be like those days when there's little to show after spending hours on the water. For me, personally, this has been a humbling experience and has served to further reinforce the truth that salvation comes from God alone and not from words that I or one of my teammates share. Instead of letting this resistance to the gospel discourage us, our team is praying for boldness on the same level as the disciples in the book of Acts who fearlessly proclaimed Christ to people just as reluctant to believe as our students and friends. We're praying for divine appointments like with Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch, and we're praying for miraculous, unlikely salvation stories like that of Saul-turned-Paul. 

Our team has been able to share with several of our students and their families, and we have had the opportunity to celebrate a couple Iftars as well. We've eaten all kinds of Somali, Ethiopian, Turkish, and Syrian food, and we were able to teach one of our students how to bake cookies (called biscuits here) yesterday. Teaching English has been fun, and getting to better know our students has been exciting. 
  • Pray that with the end of Ramadan, we would have even more students since they won't be as busy. 
  • Pray also for the one or two believers here among our focus people groups that they would be bold in reaching their people in ways we as outsiders never could and that they would live in a manner that is above reproach. 
  • Lastly, pray that hearts now hard toward the gospel would be softened through the Holy Spirit, that words may be given to us to boldly proclaim the truth of the gospel, that God would reveal himself to our people groups through whatever means necessary, and that we would be able to form deeper friendships with our students and their families.
Here's a photo from a hike we took on our free day. This is the most green we've seen since we got to the city!

Children of Bulawayo

We have had many opportunities to work with kids in various ways. We have gone to a primary school  to give children eggs to eat, and we went to another school sharing our testimony with the girls there.It was so good for me to be able to talk to them and answer their questions as best as I could. 

We have also had opportunities to visit orphanages. One was a babies home... and those babies were so precious! We went to another with older kids... just hanging out with them. The kids are wonderful & kind, and they touched my heart. I can understand why God said that we must be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven. These kids are so kind, loving, and joyful even after all they have been through. It truly touches my heart to visit them, and I am so glad that the Lord has given us the opportunities that He has.

Please pray that God will open doors for us to be able to go places where kids have needs. 
Pray that we will love them the way that God loves them.


Ready Testimony

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope you have. 1 Peter 3:15

Team of the Day: Mountain Harvesters
Country of the Day: Philippines

Pray for team members to honor God above all else, for them to be completely surrendered to Him. Pray that the Holy Spirit would provide opportunities for them to share with the lost the reason for their Hope.

Meet the Advance Team

Five days of training, four airports, and a fourteen hour plane ride later, the Advance Team has safely made it to Bohol, Philippines! A week ago we were all strangers, and as we grow closer together, we would like for you all to grow to know us better.
Seth, Lauren, April & Cory
Hello my name is Cory and I’m currently a senior at the University of Tennessee at Martin. I ask that you will pray for endurance for us to run the race that has been set before my team. In His Great Name,
--Cory (Hebrews 12:1)

Hello! My name is Seth. I am student at Arkansas State University, studying Electrical Engineering. I am involved with my school's BCM, and I have met many Nehemiah Teams alumni there. They told me about NT and challenged me to go. Please pray for the lost souls that we encounter daily. Please pray that we will be able to discern the SPIRIT so that we may reach them in truth.
-- Seth (Mal 1:11)

Hi, my name is Lauren and I am 20 years old. I attend Tennessee Tech University and am Majoring in International Business with Minors in Spanish and Religious Studies. I felt called to the Philippines after hearing the testimony of a Filipino woman who said that she just needed someone to tell her the Gospel. She had never heard it! But when she heard the Gospel for the first time everything changed and the Lord had a grip on her heart. All she needed was a person there to share. I knew I had a summer to go and that I was able. God said we are to go and share the good news. I knew that this was my calling for this summer after she spoke.
--Lauren (Psalm 90:16-17)

Seth, Cory, Vivi (translator), April & Lauren
My name is April and and am a 19 year old college sophomore from Kentucky! I am studying English Literature and Art at Eastern Kentucky University. Being here serving Christ in the Philippines has been such a blessing already. Last summer, I attended a camp with my church and understood that God commands His children to go and I felt the Lord calling me to international missions. I wasn't sure where or when this would happen, but after much prayer and guidance from my family, God lead me to Nehemiah Teams and softened my heart for the Philippines. My main prayer request at the moment is that Christ would sustain us and work through us so that unreached people can hear the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time. Our goal is to make disciples who make disciples. Thank you so much for your prayers, and God bless!
-- April (John 12:35)

My name is Noemi and I am 24 years old. God has been orchestrating His wonderful plan for the Philippines. I am humbled to be a translator for this team and be a part of the work of God's kingdom. Help us pray for strength each day and that each precious day we would be filled with the Holy Spirit and be united.Pray for the courage of the team and that we would be sensitive enough to always follow God's guidance.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Holy Spirit Making a Way

After our first full week spent in the village of G, we returned to S town, where our apartment is located. Upon our arrival at S, we met with our supervisor for a debrief on what happened throughout the previous week. After debrief my team and I were all extremely tired and had hopes of going straight to sleep that night. However, God had different plans for us.
As we were getting ready for bed, one of our translators invited us out for a cup of coffee. Though it was a few minutes past midnight, we decided as a team that we should go so that we could bond with our translator and get to know him better. After arriving at our destination, Z, a friend of our translator ran in to us so we asked if he wanted to join us. He agreed and even started a game of dominoes with us.
Shortly after our new friend joined us, our translator informed us that Z was a Muslim. When I heard this, I walked down the beach with our other translator. We began praying whole-heartedly that God would bless our team with an opportunity to share the Gospel with Z. Throughout the duration of my prayer I felt an overwhelming presence come over me and I knew that the Holy Spirit was with me and my team in that moment.
After my time of prayer, I walked back up to be with the rest of my team. Within two minutes of my arrival, the team started sharing the Gospel with Z. I immediately realized that the Lord had answered my prayers. I knew that God was with us through this conversation so I continued to pray as my fellow team members shared scripture with this man. At first he said that he did not want to change religions. We quickly reminded him that what we are sharing is not about a religion but a change of heart. That all actions of religion lead to death. We informed him that the relationship with God that we were talking about leads to life and life more abundantly.
After 4 hours of conversation with Z, we had read two different passages from the Bible to him and told many stories about who Jesus really is. After each reading of scripture, it was as if a layer was peeled back and his eyes were opened to the truth of the Lord. God’s Holy Word pierced through the walls of mistruths that he had built up throughout his life. By the end of our conversation with him there was an apparent change of heart. 

We pray that God would bless us with more opportunities with this man and that the Lord would continue to work in his heart.
Please continue to pray for our team throughout this summer. We know that the Lord is answering all of our prayers. Praise God for his incredible power and faithfulness!

- Caleb