Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Meet the Team: Mercy Midwives

Maayong buntag! 
Good morning from Davao City. The Mercy Midwives have made it! As we begin to get acquainted with the city, we'd love for you to get acquainted with us! This summer we will be working in a lying-in maternity clinic and we will be integrated into the healthcare team here. We will be providing encouragement to workers as well as moms, conducting Bible studies, devotions, and health teaching, and even preforming/assisting with pre- and post-natal exams. We have loved being helping hands already this week! Between the 4 of us, we've already seen 4 births in just 2 shifts! 
Amy, Paige, Kat & Naomi

So to start the team off meet Kat! Kat was actually born in the Philippines and moved to the US when she was 8. She is excited to be back "home" and can't wait to show her teammates all the Filipino foods and culture! She is in Nursing School in Texas and plans to get her masters in Health Care Administration. 

Up next is Naomi! She is in her third year of nursing school in Arkansas! She is very interested in midwifery through missions as a future occupation and is so excited to get a taste of it this summer. She loves to explore and travel, and is looking forward to trying all kinds of Filipino foods!

Next we have Paige! Paige is also in her third year of nursing school. She attends school in Louisiana. She wants to go into full time medical missions after finishing school, possibly as a midwife! She loves to hike, play Ultimate Frisbee, and read. The hardest part for her this summer will be trying not to bring home at least 3 Filipino babies from the clinic. Maybe they could be her carry-on items! 

Lastly, is me! My name is Amy and I am in my third year of nursing school in Arkansas! Fun fact, Naomi and I are actually roommates and are so excited to share this experience together. I hope to become a Labor and Delivery nurse after school. This is my first overseas mission trip and I am so excited to see God move through me and my teammates this summer. 

So far our team has meshed really well together and it has been lots of smiles and laughs! We are looking very forward to getting to know each other better and on a spiritual level! 

How you can pray for us!
  • Team unity 
  • Strength and diligence after long shifts
  • That we would take advantage of every ministry opportunity that comes our way
  • Pray for the moms at the clinic, many of them face the challenges such as poverty, singleness, miscarriages, and more and that we would know how best to love on them and show them God's love through our words and actions