Friday, July 12, 2013

A Nation Divided

This week has been so great! It's the students last week of the school year so we are soaking up time with them while they are at school. Monday a couple of people helped with worship IN KOREAN. It's always fun attempting to sing along and worship God together. Today we got the chance to go to the DMZ with all our students. It was just so interesting to think about if my state was closed off and all my family and friends were there and I couldn't go back. It's hard for us to imagine but it's what many of them have to struggle with. However, they have the hope of unification of Korea. This is a daily  prayer request our team has. Not only so these students can be reunited with family but that the gospel might be able to be freely spread to their people. Join us in praying for this.

Our big English Unification Camp is coming up soon and we still have a lot of work to get done before then. Pray for us as we are preparing for camp. Pray that many students would be able to have a real relationship with Christ and that God would use this camp in that process. Thanks for the prayers.

-Team Korea