Friday, July 5, 2013

The Lord is Always by My Side

It has been a rough two weeks. The babies had the stomach virus last week, and in return for changing the diapers and cleaning up the spit-up they decided that I need the stomach virus too! Even though it was hard being on the other side of the world sick I rested in the fact that God has right by my side! We serve such an awesome God that he cares enough about me to comfort me while I was sick. 

Though the past two weeks have been hard, God is really doing a great work it my life. He continues to challenge me everyday. Through Nehemiah Teams we are required to memorize scripture. This is a practice I have not been really disciplined in. I would come up with lame excuses like "I can't memorize" or "I really just don't have the time"... well has God shown me wrong. I have learned how amazing it is to throw scripture in Satan's face when he starts to attack us. 

Also God is teaching me that the Great Commission is FINISH-ABLE. Did you catch that?  It is finish-able. And not only can it be finished, but it can also be finished in this generation. God does not give us anything we can not finish. The Great Commission though is not a call from God, but it is a requirement. God gives us the responsibility to finish the Great Commission. We should consider it a privilege that God would lets do his work. I pray that each that read this will start to pray and see how YOU can help finish the Great Commission. We serve such an awesome God!