Saturday, July 6, 2013

We have a compass

To the depths of the valleys we run, to the peaks of the mountains we climb, amidst the jungle we push through, and the ends of the earth we pursue, it is all for You. 

As we were pondering which stories to tell you, we couldn't decide between the man eating lizards, the six mile hike up a volcano, the adventures without a translator or not knowing where we'll sleep each night.  Oh wait...there's the many ten foot manta rays, hammocking on an isolated beach (we may or may not have swam naked in the ocean), putting on the traditional garb, having a chicken sacrificed in front of you and then eating it, or hiking up a mountain with our backs to the coast in the rain and stumbling upon a gem in the depths of the jungle.  All of this means nothing in light of what our Father has done though. 

He has continually provided translators when we had none, He has led us to many POP (persons of peace), hundreds have heard the Good News, we've discovered several local fellowships, we've had an opportunity to stand before a congregation of Catholics to proclaim Truth, and we've had the provision and protection of our Father from local authorities. 

This summer has given us the opportunity to experience the power of the Spirit.  In our everyday lives we plan everything to the minute, so why would we trust the Spirit when everything is already figured out?  We have nothing figured out here.  We have no place to lay our heads, no food has been promised to us, we don't speak the language, have no translator, and we have no map, but guess what?  We have a Compass.  Everyday we are on our knees, asking Him to lead us to right village, to the right people, and He always provides.  We know that everything and everyone we encounter is a Divine Appointment.  I wish we could tell you more, but this is all we can see.