Sunday, July 7, 2013

Students of the World

Thank you so much for praying for our team. The past 3 weeks we have been blessed with many opportunities to share the gospel and ask students spiritual questions. We have been visiting three universities where we had opportunities to connect with students. Two large groups of students have joined us twice during the monday night bbl study.  We have also had good one on one conversations with students about their faith.

Dad has been working in our hearts showing us how blessed we are to have a hope that cannot be taken away from us and that others desperately need to hear.  We are burdened by the lostness of the students we have met. During our team time we have spent time praying against the barriers that keep students from receiving and understanding Dad's story. Pray with us that these barriers will be removed.

I am very grateful for each of my teammates, they each continue to show me the importance of community.  I feel encouraged to serve along them. Pray for our team as we continue to work together to accomplish our task this summer.

We have reached the middle point of our summer but it feels like we just got here. I am so grateful that we have 4 more weeks to follow up with the students we have met. Remember my friend Alice, who I shared the gospel with, she has been attending bble study with us and continues to show interest in learning about the bbl and Dad. She also introduced us to her friend Mandie, who I also had the opportunity to share the gspl! Last Sunday Mandie took us to a temple and showed us some of the local street art. During our time of conversation we saw she really did not have a defined truth about what she believes.

Like Mandie, there are several students who don't really know why they follow religious practices and are not concerned with unanswered questions.  Please pray for their hearts and for curiosity to answer those questions.