Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sometimes no need to "use words".... just be obedient

Last week, on our typical Thursday morning schedule, our team participated in a feeding. If you don’t know what that is, it is when we drive to a nearby squatter village, feed the people ricey-soup stuff, and walk around yelling “Feeding!" 

Between this year and last, I have probably participated in fifty or more feedings, and it seems to always be the same. I might approach a couple of people with smiles, small talk, the very little Tagalog I know, and call it a day. Thursday, God had other plans. 

As Faith, Toria, and I were walking among the trash and disease, we came upon an elderly lady too cheerful to explain. We greeted her, and she happily joined in on the “Taglish" small talk we had to offer. She knew better English than was expected, and the conversation exceeded my expectations for the “normal feeding." As Faith and I were nearing the end of the conversation and mere seconds from walking away, Toria asked her a simple question that changed everything. She simply asked, “Do you have any children?" The woman told us about her son and how he was bed-ridden from disease, unable to work, and barely able to even eat. We asked if she would take us to her house and allow us to pray over her son, and she, with much joy, lead us the way to her small shack of a house where her son lay frail and weak on a hard sleeping-place with only one fan. We talked with both for a little while, found out they were in fact believers, and then prayed over him to be healed. When I opened my eyes, I found the mom with a red, tear-streaked face, sobbing in desperation and so much gratitude that we simply took the time to talk with her, visit her home, and pray over her sickly son. 

They both knew the Gospel. They were both believers. There was no need to “use words." The point is that we were obedient.