Friday, July 12, 2013

This Water is a Gift From God

When was the last time you thanked God for your water running out of the faucet? 

Seeing a community receive fresh, clean water for the first time was amazing to be a part of... but it was also convicting.  Recently, a few from our team were able to attend a dedication of a borehole (water well system) to a community, who before had to walk an hour to a dam for their water.  The same water was used as a dump site, for bathing, and for watering livestock.  The borehole provided clean water safe to drink without boiling.

This water is a gift from God. 

The pastor at the dedication challenged the people of the community to remember this statement everytime they pumped water and to thank God for this gift.  This made me think about the last time I thanked God for clean, running water.  It is so easy to take advantage of having daily access to clean water to drink, to bathe in and to cook with.  But we should thank God every time we turn on our faucets.  We should also thank God we have access to the living water.  The community may have access to clean water, but what they truly need is to know the living water that will quench their souls eternal thirst.  Join with us to pray that this community in Zimbabwe will know where their clean water comes from and that they can find living water from the same source.