Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Very Merry July 4th in the Philippines

It had to be bacon-wrapped to be American
Maybe you think we don't have time to be celebrating holidays here or maybe you think we deserve the day off. Well neither of these things are true. We had plenty of work set out for us in Bonifacio, but we still managed to have a very happy July 4th.

I had to wear my American Flag bandana, bought here in the Philippines, all day to represent the country. We held multiple Bible studies that day and did a lot of work for the kingdom. Amidst all the work we made time for play as well; it was our first time out of country during the 4th, but that's no reason not to  celebrate!

Because the Bonifacio team has a refrigerator, we were able to buy bacon, french fries and hamburger meat. The only logical conclusion from this is bacon-wrapped hamburgers. Because we lacked toothpicks, we used decapitated matches to pin the bacon on. Brent and I took charge and made a successful meal, complete with cold root beer, pineapple, smores and of course, a show of fireworks.

-Brian & the Bonifacio Team

Rai Rai, the Filipina of the team, loved her very first smores. 

Giving the word on Independence Day

Not pictured: Root beer, smores and fireworks.