Saturday, July 6, 2013

The "Cool Americans"

Our team with our supervisor

Hello from Seoul! We're finishing up our first month here and each day is a blessing! I still can't believe that we get to live and share the gospel with students from one of the most oppressed countries on earth. 

As Americans, we have a very unique opportunity to witness. Even though we don't deserve it, the students tend to view us as the "cool americans" and often go out of their way to be with us. Especially with some of the younger students, I feel that we have a very big influence. I feel blessed to have had numerous opportunities to share our faith! As just one example, one of the students in my apartment came to our most recent Bible study. What's truly amazing is that this student is one of the biggest "problem" students, and my dorm leader had specifically asked us to pray for him! God is truly at work!  We greatly appreciate your prayers for our team and for the ministry at Heavenly Dream School. 

  • Pray that God continues to soften the students hearts that they would know Him personally and not see Christianity as strange or as simply another school subject.
  • Pray that the students who are currently seeking God would find Him and would be filled with HIS joy and HIS passions.   
  • Pray also for the students' families and friends, as many of them are unsaved and still suffering in their homeland.   
  • Finally, pray for us and for the teachers here, that we would be filled with the Holy Spirit and share God's love and truth constantly!

Philippians 3:7-11