Friday, July 12, 2013

Please pray!

We received a text message from the Bicol- Cam Sur team.  Here are some specific ways you can pray for this team over these next few days:

  1. Pray that people will fear God, not man. That they will see that God is supreme and has authority over all things.
  2. Pray that we will not let us, slow down, or hold back over the next 2 weeks.
  3. Pray for healing for Baby V. He has a growth on his back... possible tumor... and is malnourished.
  4. Pray for JR, a 17 year old boy who is sick with a high fever. He has been taken to the hospital. Family members believe that this is caused by spirits. Pray they will realize that spirits are under God's authority and that He has power over them.
  5. Pray that those attending our Bible studies come to learn about the Lord and not for entertainment.
  6. Pray for SP, a lady that has been so interested & eager to learn about God. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move in her heart. Physical ears may fail her... pray that God will open them to hear spiritual truth and that the Holy Spirit will speak to her clearly.

-Annie, Allyson, & Kristy