Saturday, July 6, 2013

Liter of Light follow-up: Mexico Trailblazers

This week, we followed up working on our Liter of Light project, which in Spanish we call "Lata de Luz," which translates as canister of light. 

We practiced our project on a shed at John and Jenny's house, local IMB missionaries we are working with, who have the same tin roofing as the houses in the village we are working in. 

Here is a link to our video of making the light. (Note that subtitles are in Spanish because we are using the video to show the people how to make the light so the project can continue after we leave).

The project was very successful at the McLamb's house. We were able to successfully install the light, which worked surprisingly well as you can see in the video, and we used sealant to fill any gaps to prevent rain water from coming through.

We've already had some positive responses from people in our village. We have people that are very interested in the light. They even went on to explain how hard it is to find stuff in their house because of how dark it is.

Please pray that this project would bless this community and meet some of their physical needs tangibly. 
Pray that it would allow them to see the real Light of the World and that they would trust in Him.