Monday, July 8, 2013

Break Every Chain

On Tuesday night we cooked dinner for our friend “R” that we have been building a relationship with in our apartment complex for the past few weeks. The first week we were in Nashville, we met her when we were walking one evening. A simple compliment led to a conversation and she wanted to come in to our apartment a talk more. She is a Muslim from Kurdistan and has been in America for a few years now. Thankfully, her English is really good so we have been able to communicate with her easily. That night, she let us pray for her in Jesus’ name. Since then, we have visited her a few times and she has enjoyed our company a lot.

Earlier this week, we walked to R’s apartment to invite her over for dinner. She wasn’t home when we knocked on her door, but by divine appointment we met a few other internationals as we were walking away. After we talked with them for a few minutes, R and her friend ”M” walked up and we were able to invite her for dinner. It’s so cool how God has perfect timing and allows everything to work together for our good.
R and M enjoyed the American food we cooked for them and their kids. It was a great time and our team got to share the gospel with them throughout the night. R also showed us some of her Kurdish clothing and let us try it on. Later we had Kurdish tea and continued to share with them about Jesus. We talked with them about how He secures our place in heaven and we don't have to work and hope to be good enough to get in. R also asked about the poster on our door that says “He Is Worth It” which led to more questions about the gospel. R is definitely a person of peace. It was by divine appointment that we met her one night outside of our apartment through a compliment we gave her. It has been amazing to see how easily God has allowed us to develop this relationship with her.
Today we visited a mosque with R and M. It was sad to watch all of the women praying in such an empty ritualistic way. As I watched, I could picture them all having shackles and chains around their ankles as they bowed on their knees to a false God. My heart was breaking for them and I prayed for them as I held back tears that were developing in my eyes from God's compassion within me. I'm praying that one day the chains of Islam will be broken off of R, M, and all of the other Muslims in Nashville. As heartbreaking as it is, I’m glad that I have been exposed to it all because it’s giving me compassion for Muslims. As God continues to break my heart for what breaks His, it is motivating me more and more to love them, as well as all of the internationals back home on my campus.

Ways to Pray:
- Pray for the month of Ramadan, July 9th - August 7th
- Pray for our relationship to continue to grow with R and M
- Pray that we would introduce R and M to someone from Nashville that can continue the relationship we've built after we leave