Monday, July 8, 2013

Cebu... moving on to the next place

God is still at work here in the Philippines. We are all tired, still sweaty, missing home. But, we have made a commitment to not let ANY stone stay unturned here.  After leaving Tabuelan on July 1st, we stayed in Cebu City for a day and enjoyed some time off…. it was a NIIIIIICE day. It was a much needed American day. Then we left for our new location. 

After a few days off, our team is getting back into the swing of things. Please pray for us, that God would give us strength everyday and a passion to declare His name! Things are very different here, and I miss my friends back in Tabuelan, but we know these people need Christ just as much as those in Tabuelan. 

God is continuing to reveal Himself to me in so many different ways here. I’m ready to come home to see family and friends, but I am not ready to leave Cebu. I know that one day, I will be back here. These people are lost in a sea of hopelessness. There is such a need here. I just pray with all my heart that people will continue to step up, make sacrifices to be here, and bring hope to these people. Whether that's me and my family, or others, just someone, anyone! 

Here are some things you can pray for...
1. Pray for our team... That God will continue to give us strength to minister throughout the day and build intentional relationships.
2. Pray for the people we are sharing with... That God will prepare their hearts, and soften their hearts to the Gospel.
3. Pray for me... There are many things that can be distracting. Knowing I have many things to prepare to get ready for college, missing friends and family, and so much more. Pray that God would just flood my thoughts, and I can just be overwhelmed in His glorious majesty. 

I wish I could tell you of all the things God has done here. Allowing us to baptize husbands and wives together, seeing house churches and Bible studies started, and so much more. God is so faithful, and I am so glad that He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Take time to thank Him today for simply who He is to you, your family, your friends. And don’t be ashamed to tell someone of the hope you have in Christ this week... you never know what might happen!