Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Opportunities with Students

This week we had many unique opportunities to meet students, and each of these meetings has been incredibly Filled and we are thankful for the many friends we’ve made. On Tuesday we got to play basketball with a bunch of new guys we haven’t met before from one of the universities here. They invited us to come and play with them every Tuesday, an incredible opportunity for us to meet more guys, which has been a bit of a challenge up to this point. Dad has answered your Thoughts, and we do not take this for granted, thank you! 

Most students are now done with exams, which has caused many of them to leave the city and travel home, but it also means there are some who stay in the city have plenty of free time! We’ve been able to simply sit at the lake and meet students this week, a few of whom we’ve been able to meet with since then. 

This week has held many struggles for Ernest and I: homesickness, worry, and a general sense of darkness are a few of the ways we are experiencing opposition to our labor here. Ernest’s sister has some health problems and is supposed to have an operation.  Please join in me in asking for miracles and healing.

Sometimes we aren’t given the ability to see the fruit of our labor, but He is still working and doing what’s best for my good and His glory. I’ve also been encouraged by a friend this week who said, “There is One who has borne the weight of the world so you don’t have to.” I’m thankful for this reminder, and we will keep lifting the banner high and calling many to follow our Master and Friend.

Grace & Peace,
-M & Ernest

Please pray for:

  • T, a guy we’ve shared with who seems interested enough that we gave him a copy of the Letter. We will read with him soon. 
  • The many friends we’ve made this week. Continued meetings and openness to The Story
Funny Story: This week some new friends invited us to see their band play at a cafĂ©. It was more like a bar, but during the middle of their set, they asked me to get up and play a song! I pulled out Josh Garrels’ “Farther Along” on the spot. So, I’m probably the first person ever to play Josh’s music in a southeast Asian bar, haha!