Friday, July 5, 2013

Divine Appointment

Today is Independence Day!  Classes are cancelled, most stores and restaurants are closed, but we decided to go out anyway.  I sure am glad we did. 

Normally we just roam the streets of Pittsburgh looking for ways to engage with and talk to international students.  It has ended up being way harder than either of us thought in the beginning.  Today, however someone approached us!  It was a refreshing change.  

We were about to head back to the house early because the streets were pretty empty, but then a really confused looking guy walked up to us.  He had a strong accent and asked us if we knew a store where he could buy batteries. I asked him where he was from, and he said Turkey.  I asked him how long he's been here and he said he arrived yesterday. We ended up showing him around Pittsburgh.  We helped him get a phone number, batteries, and touristy stuff.

We gave him our contact information.  He seemed really excited to hang out with us.  He said "Today is my lucky day in America.  I got to do everything I planned on doing and I got to meet you girls." 

Please pray that we would be able to meet up with him again and that we would have opportunities to share the gospel with him.