Friday, July 12, 2013

Children's ministry bears fruit

Last week, we had a team from Tennessee come in to help with our partnership at Casa Hogar.

They stayed at the children's home for a week and did everything from teach arts and crafts, share Bible stories, teach worship songs and play games. 

Check out the week wrap-up video here:

The team had an experienced painter with them, who has been sharing the gospel through art for nine years. He has a special presentation called the "Big Picture," where he weaves his personal testimony into the gospel as he paints the scene of Jesus' death. 

After the presentation last week, one little boy came forward to receive Christ into his heart. 

The following day, an 18 year-old got into a gospel conversation with one of the church members from Tennessee and he realized that he was just going through the motions -- he went to church, but he was not submitting his life to Christ. 

Steven, the man who was able to led this man to receive Christ, said, "I started talking about his faith and I noticed some red flags -- he gave me really subtle answers. I went over the ABCs -- admit, believe and commit. He said he was ready at that moment."

Steven added, "You feel like you have to save hundreds of people. But just two people getting saved makes the whole trip worth it -- the money, the tiredness, the long plane rides, everything."

Pray that more would pray to receive Christ like these boys.
Pray that our ministry at Casa Hogar continues to flourish.