Saturday, July 13, 2013

Prep for English Unification Camp

We have been in pretty much the same routine these past several weeks.  Waking up early on weekdays to go to school, and hanging out with students during free time and at home. We have all been blessed with some great relationships with these students, and have had numerous opportunities to share our faith or have Bible studies or just ask them how they feel about God and Jesus.  

Today was actually the last day of school, so now we will be almost entirely focused on preparing for English Unification Camp.  In the past this camp has always had a huge effect on the students, many say that this camp is where they met God for the first time or that it is where they accepted Christ's salvation.  For the teachers and our supervisor, the weeks before camp are full of preparation, planning, paperwork, etc.  As a team we have been building some of the games that will be used to help teach English in one of the camp workshops.  We will all also serve as small group/team leaders during EUC.

How you can pray:
  • That God would begin working on the hearts of all the students who will be attending EUC. 
  • Lift up everyone who works at the school, our supervisor, and our team as we prepare for EUC. 
  • About 10 - 12 students are graduating and preparing to enter university, applying for university is even more difficult, stressful, and crucial in SK than it is in the United States.  So pray that God would be with them throughout the application process and that He would keep the faith of those who are Christians strong while they are in college.  It is possible that some of the graduates are not saved, so pray that instead of being less open to God while they are at college that they would be pursued by God and any believers they encounter at school