Saturday, July 6, 2013

Update from West Nile Student Team

Last weekend we got the opportunity to go on a safari at Murchison Falls. It was definitely God. The animals there were so awesome. A heard of giraffe just chilled by our car for a while. We got to see lions eating a kill, which was definitely my favorite part about the animals. We also saw elephants, hippos, gazelle, crocodiles, buffalo, and lots of birds. The best part was the falls thought. I literally stood in awe for a good five minutes. The falls were gorgeous, and there is no way to describe it except that we have an amazing Creator. I was just like how can a God create little me and something so magnificent. I will definitely be posting pictures when I get back to the States.

Our student work is outstanding. Becca and I got to go to a school for their storying group on Monday. The students passion for the Lord just left us speechless. We are teaching on Monday, so please be praying for that. I am meeting with two girls named Deborah and Fortunate. Please be praying for them as well.

Wednesday we went and played football (aka soccer) with some elementary school kids. I didn't play, but I hung out with some of them. It was fun.

Tuesday we went to the hospital. That was the hardest part yet. It is so hard seeing all of the patients there without the option of higher quality care. All we can do is have faith and know that God is in control!

Prayer Requests:

1) Our teaching in the schools
2) Fortunate and Deborah
3) Storying Camp that will take place at the end of August