Thursday, July 11, 2013

How do you feel loved?

There is one very special girl in the JAZ home. I say “special" because since the moment I got here, the Lord has been drawing me to her. She is new; actually, she just moved into the home a couple of weeks before I got here. She knows very little English, but she is always all-smiles. Most of my talks with God have involved her and how I can make her feel loved. That is all. I want to make her feel loved. What if that is how we started sharing the Gospel always? Instead of making it a personal goal of tally mark salvations, our goal is to share the Gospel in love—to love and to make one feel loved.  

Front: Toria, Ashley, Kristi. Back: Courtney & Faith
I have already written about the four incredible and beautiful people I am sharing life with these two months, but in case you have missed it: They are great. I will probably go on and on about Courtney, Faith, Kristi, and Toria when I get home. You know why I think they are so great? They have shown me love in a huge way and taught me how to love in an even deeper way and shown me how I feel loved in a different way. 

From the moment we all met, we started playing twenty questions. We wanted to know everything there is to know about one another. My favorite question asked? How do you feel loved? 

I was kind of taken aback. How do I feel loved? I don’t know. Is that like The Five Love Languages. I have never taken that test. I don’t know. I don’t know. Skip me. I don’t know.

But the Lord definitely set-up that question with divine appointment waiting for me. Because
1. Over the past month, I have figured out how I feel loved… and in beautiful ways this team has shown me. and
2. He had a lesson in mind for me before I was even created.